For many people, Investment Planning is a daunting task as they don’t know where to start. However, all people have the same goals when it comes to investment planning – to get the best return on their investment. We believe in helping people get the most out of their investments every time, so when you venture into a new investment with our assistance, you can be sure that we have your returns in mind every step of the way.

At The Accountancy Solutions, we discuss the masses of investment opportunities out there in order to make the very most of what you have, as well as maximise on your return. For beginners, we will go back to basics before implementing a clear plan of action that you will be able to understand. If you are investing for the first time, it’s common to be wary and confused as to where is best to invest your money. Having helped countless individuals and companies find the best place for their investments, you can trust us to provide you with all the information that you need to proceed with confidence.

For those who are a little more informed with regards to the investment process, we will divulge our specialist knowledge with you and assess just what your risk threshold is, before discussing your desired return and where we can get it from. Our job can either be actively controlling your investments, or merely supporting you in your decisions, the choice is totally yours.

Just a few of the investment planning categories that we can provide experienced advice on are:

  • Venture capital trusts
    When looking for an investment for savings or business profits, a venture capital trust is a popular option and one of many available to UK residents. Venture capital trusts allow for investment into other businesses through a closed-end scheme that is considered to be very efficient on tax. Investing in the capital market can be difficult to begin with, with multiple opportunities available, to gain the full benefits of a venture capital trust, an expert investment accountant or adviser can help you through the process.
  • Investment bonds and trusts- As a company, an investment trust will purchase and then sell the shares in another company. Investment through an investment trust requires careful financial management as the value of the shares will fluctuate. An investment bond is a policy for life insurance, having links with unit trusts, it is generally used for investments that are long-term. For guidance on whether an investment bond or investment trust is right for you, you can rely on The Accountancy Solutions to provide trusted and knowledgeable advice.
  • National Savings plans
    National Saving plans are ideal for lower limit investments, with the investment being in premium bonds or other products that change regularly, including income bonds or children’s bonds. A national savings plan securely looks after your investment, the investment being lent to the government to look after. There are many different paths to take with a national savings plan, and with limits on the amounts you can invest, it can be a more secure option for investment beginners.
  • Offshore investments
    Offshore trusts can be extremely beneficial for companies looking to protect and invest their finances, but with very strict regulations and stringent processes to follow, it is important to have the assistance of a certified offshore investment accountant who has the knowledge to ensure every process is completely properly, avoiding penalties or serious problems from arising. At The Accountancy Solutions we can provide advice based off our years of experience and help with maintaining detailed records.
  • Personal saving accounts
    A personal or individual savings account (ISA) is a favoured way to invest small sums of money on a regular basis, with a low maximum limit that you can invest in tax-free every year. ISA investments can take multiple forms, from investment in shares to cash savings or new innovate finance savings. A certified accountant can help you to keep track of your investments and provide advice on how to get the most from your returns.
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