Bookkeeping and Accounting

Often the words that business owners dread to hear, but extremely necessary in order to ensure the legal practice of running a company, bookkeeping and accounting doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds.

Whether you are a long established business looking for a fresh approach to your bookkeeping, or are just starting a new company and don’t know where to start, The Accountancy Solutions can ensure that you have clear accounting records that will arm you with all of the information required in order to run your business properly, as well as file your tax return at the end of the financial year.

Your dedicated bookkeeper can assist with the following:

  • Weekly & monthly nominal ledgers
  • Profit & Loss calculation
  • End of year adjustments including accruals & prepayments
  • Understanding the performance of your business
  • Income Tax provisions


We have a wealth of experience in providing payroll services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand that payroll needs to be something that runs smoothly every month to ensure that your workforce is completely satisfied.

Payroll can often be a long and laborious task and the time could be better spent elsewhere in your business. At The Accountancy Solutions, we can assist you with the running of your payroll, completing your payroll tasks in a fraction of the time. We always ensure that you are adhering to employment legislation to avoid running the risk of fines and will keep you up to date should you need to change any part of your processes in the future.

Areas we cover include:

  • Processing of weekly and monthly payroll, RTI Submissions
  • Payslips, P60 & P45
  • Tax and National Insurance advice
  • Student loans, SMP, SAP, SSP, SPP
  • Setup and execution of Pension Schemes

Financial Management

Financial Management lies at the heart of every business as Management Accounts dictate what decisions can be made by the business owners themselves. It’s quite simple, if there isn’t enough information, then a business may not be able to do what they are aiming to.

At The Accountancy Solutions, our management accounts service aims to provide businesses with the tools to make confident decisions based upon the statistical and financial information that we feedback at regular intervals throughout the year. Owners will be able to determine exactly what is achievable with the money that they have at their discretion.. At The Accountancy Solutions, we can help businesses determine just what their cash flow is and iron out any problems that may be occurring, whilst offering stellar advice to increase revenue.

Financial Management includes:

  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Variance Analysis
  • Industry reports& critical comparisons
  • Financial Health Check & Cash Flow

Business Support Services