Childminder Accountants Business Advice

If you wish to start a nursery, perhaps it would be advisable to gain experience in this industry and start as childminder. As Childminder Accountants we specialise in advising individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to start childminder business and develop it into a success.

A childminder is defined as someone who looks after one or more children under the age of eight for more than a total of two hours a day. Childminder Association PACEY have defined childminder.

Becoming a registered childminder is a popular option as part time business. You can start this business at your home and charge per hour instead of termly fees. You can be a successful childminder if you enjoy company of children and help children to learn, grow and develop.

To become childminder, the most expensive part will be certifications, which you must have to become a qualified childminder.   

How to become Childminder

In order to become childminder, you should be over age of 18, must follow certain rules and should develop skills needed for the job. You would also need to be registered with regulated organisations and keep your registers update with continuing CPD. As Childminder Business Accountants we have listed a short summary about needs to become childminder.

Childminder Qualifications

Pediatric First Aid Qualification

You must complete pediatric first aid certificate in order to become a register childminder. There are many providers who train for this course including St John Ambulance and The British Red Cross which offer one or two day training courses.

Local Authority Approved Training Course

You also need to complete your local authority approved childminder training course sometimes known as CYPOP5. You can contact your local authority for suitable courses. Many local authorities train childminders and run courses. Childminder courses are similar in structure and will include basic setting up guide, safety of children, play and activities and working with parents.

Childminder Legal Requirements

If you are in Scotland, wales or Northern Ireland please look for respective country registration process on how to become a childminder. In UK registration process varies for each country.

In England you would be required to register with Ofsted on The Early Years Register for caring for young children up to reception-school age. And the Childcare Register for caring for children aged five to seven years.

Childminder Insurance

As a childminder you would need business insurance specific to your business. You must develop list of written policies and consent forms that parents must sign before they leave their children. There are lot of forms which would need to sign by parents even to use any garden equipment or fixed rides.

You would also need building insurance or update your building insurance to let them know additional children and their timings when they will be in the house.

Business Premises to host children

You would need flat or a house to host children. You can get house on rent or you can also dedicate a space in your own house. It would help if premises is near to local primary school for quick pick up and drop off any older children from school. Business premises will be inspected by local council and Ofsted.  

Childminder Skills Requirements

As childminder you would need to develop special set of skills top work with children and parents. We list few of them below.

Your responsibilities as a childminder

As a childminder you would need to track development of children under five. The course is Early Year Foundation Stage course. This is essential preschool curriculum which aims to teach and track development of toddlers in care.

Effective Communication Skills

You would be a perfect listener and have answers to some very odd questions. Working with children may sound like fun but it is most important that you stay patient and communicate with children.

Good organisation and administration skills

Childminding is not babysitting. You will need good administration and organisation skills to prioritise your work and care towards children. You would need to maintain ongoing teaching and assessment records for the children you look after.

Experienced in childcare

Experience is important and would give you skills of teaching children under five of basic literacy and numeracy. If you have children of your own you may have gone through the process and you would need to update your skills through continuous professional development and courses.

Childminder Business Plan

As childminders accountants, we have specialist knowledge to develop your business plan according to your needs. You may have thought of opening a nursery and want to develop your small business plan into a successful venture. Talk to us and you will be amazed about the knowledge we have about this sector.

Childminder Business Accounts

As childminder accountants we have specialist knowledge to advice you about your accounts. Small start-ups become big and we can lay strong foundations in order to develop your business plans.

If you have already a childminder business or a nursery and looking for proactive accountants to do your company accountsself-assessment tax, payroll and companies house compliance, call our specialist team today for no obligation quote.


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