The seemingly glamorous industry of precious metals and jewellery commands an in-depth knowledge in order to deliver succinct accountancy and finance solutions that are meaningful to the trade at hand. A precious metal is a naturally occurring metallic chemical element. Precious metals are very rare to find and therefore hold a high economic value. Precious metals tend to be less reactive than most other elements out there. They are also known for having a high lustre and being very ductile. Historically, precious metals were most importantly used for currency. Nowadays, the use of precious metals has expanded and they are a big investment and more of an industrial commodity.

Precious metals are valued for their use in art, jewellery, medicine, engineering, and automotive sectors. Four of the main precious metals include:

  • Gold
    Gold is probably the most well-known of all the precious metals. It is a metal of high value and has been a standard metal used in currency throughout history. Gold exists underground and is mined at a quicker rate than it can be produced. That is the reason for why it is in such a high demand. Gold, a shiny yellow type of metal, is used in many industries today including jewellery, electronics, engineering and even medicine.
  • Silver
    Similar to gold, silver has been used for currency throughout history and has also been used in the electronics and technology sectors. Gold has always traditionally been valued higher than silver because of its lustre and malleability. Silver is very valued due to its many uses in different industries but as well as for its beautiful appearance.
  • Palladium
    Palladium is a very rare metal. It does not go back in time like gold and silver does as this metal was only discovered in 1803. Palladium is used in the automotive industry in the building of catalytic converters in car exhaust systems. Palladium is also used in electronics and medicine. Dental crowns are manufactured from Palladium.
  • Platinum
    Platinum is a very valuable metal due to its rarity. Platinum is very difficult to find and only a few hundred tonnes are mined each year. Platinum’s first use was noted back among the pre-Columbian South American’s in the 16th century where they used it for jewellery. Today, platinum is used in a variety of places, including electronics, medicine, automotive and jewellery industries. Platinum is also a noble metal due to its resistance to corrosion.

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  • Creating Financial & Management audits
  • Helping with Business start-up planning
  • Delivering Tax advice & assist with planning
  • Becoming aware of Risk Assessments

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