Mergers and acquisitions

At The Accountancy Solutions, we as Certified Accountants and Tax Advisers pride ourselves on delivering a first rate mergers and acquisitions service that offers premium advice to corporate buyers and private equity investors who are looking for support throughout their merger and acquisition deals.
We will develop clear strategies that are completely bespoke to the client, before implementing the strategy and helping with the negotiation process in order to cut the best deal. Keeping fully up to date with the current financial climate we can ensure that we stay one step ahead.
Our accountants cover various sectors and can work with corporate clients on varying levels with confidence and ease.

Commercial loans

At Accountancy Solutions, we have worked with banks for many years and built up reliable relationships that allow us access to the best commercial loan rates on the market.

This level of exclusivity means that we can offer our clients some of the best commercial loans, just by using our contacts and reputation. We actively compare and negotiate deals so that you can then take out a loan with rates that won’t have a negative impact on the profitability of your business.

Business disposals

There are many reasons why a person may decide to dispose of a business, but there is always one thing that people want to know; what the business is worth?
We work directly with clients in order to maximise the amount that they get for their business and keep a close eye on market trends in order to sell at the very best price.
We understand that the requirements of every business disposal are completely unique to the business and business owner, so we strive to tailor our approach in order to achieve the best outcome for the seller.
Our services throughout a business disposal include:

  • Valuation & negotiation
  • Generation of sales propaganda
  • Sourcing buyers & appraisal
  • Structuring & monitoring the transaction
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Due diligence

Our team at The Accountancy Solutions approach every due diligence case investigation with vigour and professionalism in order to ensure that it is carried out correctly.
When an acquisition is won by an acquirer, the level of due diligence undertaken is often in direct correlation to how successful the acquisition is. All due diligence work is completely tailored to the deal at hand and we work with clients by providing:

Areas we cover in due diligence includes:

  • Financial and Corporate due diligence
  • Forecasts and forecast critiques
  • Financial reviews & analysis
  • Tax analysis

Certified Accountants and Tax Advisers

Business plans including forecasts

Business plans are an imperative part of the underpinning of a business as they show outsiders exactly what a business aims to achieve, and exactly how to achieve it. The document records all of your goals, objectives, and passion, for your business into a clear and succinct plan that is credible to banks and lenders.
At The Accountancy Solutions, we can generate a realistic business plan that incorporates both enthusiasm with realism and contains a plausible forecast that is well balanced. Our experts have years of experience in working with businesses from a plethora of industries and know exactly how to analyse what your financial forecasts will be. We include:

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow forecast

We will generate a business plan that is completely tailored to your objectives and offer you informative advice in areas that we believe need improvement. We understand that once a business plan is completed, it is a document that can be reused over and over for various purposes and for many years, so we strive to make it as succinct and professional as possible in order for it to start your business journey off on the right foot.