With HM Revenue and Customs placing a great importance on the taxation of those working in the medical sector, having an accountancy firm on your side who know exactly what they are doing is extremely important.
At The Accountancy Solutions, we have worked with people who work in various sectors of the industry including doctors, nurses, consultants, surgeons, dentists, GPs and a plethora of other health professionals who require our intricate knowledge of the industry.
We cover all of the financial issues that you may come across as a healthcare professional and can handle everything from practice accounts, corporate taxation and self-assessment. We work tirelessly to ensure that no extra stress is placed on our healthcare professionals, firmly believing that they should be able to concentrate on their important job roles, without any extra worry serving as an unwanted distraction.
The specialist healthcare team at The Accountancy Solutions works tirelessly to stay up to date on accounting or tax issues that could affect you as a healthcare worker, as well as constantly striving to develop an understanding of the healthcare industry unlike that of any other accountancy firm.

NHS Doctors and General Practitioners

There are many reasons why an NHS doctor and general practitioner will need to turn to a specialised accountant and we collaborate seamlessly in order to create strategic plans of action that cater to their individual requirements.
We firmly believe that the doctors of this country should be able to work without any extra pressure and we strive to offer them a service that makes their lives that little bit easier.

Areas we can assist in include:

  • Self-Assessment tax returns
  • Tax Planning for Sessional Doctors & GPs
  • Tax reliefs & applications to HMRC for refunds
  • Retirement & investment planning
Healthcare Accountants
Specialist Healthcare Accountants

Dentists & Optometrists

Dentists and optometrists are a niche client for accountants and they are often able to control what they earn quite steadily. With the proper guidance and correct strategy that our team of dedicated accountants can offer our clients, our team of dedicated accountants work one on one with their client and develop helpful strategies that cover the following areas:we can help dental and optometric businesses to flourish. Our services include:

  • Self-Assessment Tax returns
  • Tax Planning for Sessional Dentists & contractors
  • Tax reliefs & applications to HMRC for refunds
  • Retirement & investment planning

Care homes & social care

Those who work in care home and social care provision are often regarded as those in the healthcare sector who have the most difficult roles. At The Accountancy Solutions, we believe it is important to maximise profit for those who work in this sector, as well as help them with the necessary paperwork required behind the scenes in order to ensure that the business runs as smoothly as possible.

Areas we can assist in include:

  • Management Accounting & Payroll
  • Financial Accounts & HMRC compliance
  • VAT registration & returns
  • Care Home regulators compliance
Healthcare Sector Accountants