Those who work in care home and social care provision are often regarded as those in the healthcare sector who have the most difficult roles. At the Accountancy Solutions, we believe it is important to maximise profit for those who work in this sector, as well as help them with the necessary paperwork required behind the scenes in order to ensure that the business runs as smoothly as possible.

We understand the financial pressures those who operate in the care home industry face. It’s of paramount importance to take care of your financial health if you’re going to continue to operate into the future.
In an industry that is facing long standing issues with increasing operating costs and a decrease in funding, it is vitally important that all aspects of your company’s financial wellbeing be taken care of.

While operating in the Care Homes industry there are a number of regulators who require your business to follow the rules of compliance. If you are facing issues with any compliance regulators, our team of highly experienced professionals are able to assist you, so you’re able to avoid making any potential mistakes that could impact your business financially.

The business requirements are always changing, and to survive you need to be adaptable. Our accounting professionals offer assistance with a number of areas that can identify business inefficiencies.

Areas we can assist in include:

  • Management Accounting & Payroll
    Our management accountants only aim is to help you increase the efficiency of your business. Fine-tuning it to run like a perfectly oiled machine. It is imperative to have good information when making business decisions, and we at the Accountancy Solutions aim to provide a way for your business to maximise efficiency financially, and provide management with the right information to enable informed decisions.
  • Financial Accounts & HMRC compliance
    Occasionally HMRC may want to inspect your tax accounts to make sure you’re paying the correct tax. It’s imperative that you have professional help to ease this otherwise stressful process. We are experienced with helping care homes deal with compliance issues. If you require our assistance with this issue, we are only a phone call away.
  • VAT registration & returns
    If you need help preparing your VAT returns, we help you compile all the necessary information and submit it to the tax authority. We not only assist with VAT returns, we can also assist new enterprises with VAT registration. When you’re beginning a new enterprise, there are a lot of formalities that need to be taken care of. We try to minimise the stress occurred during this process. With our help, you can begin your new enterprise without worrying about the small details.
Care homes & social care Accountants
  • Care Home regulators compliance
    Care Home regulations are only increasing, and we help enterprises make their way through these compliance issues. It’s important to remain on the right side of the law, and with our help your business will be able to concentrate on core issues without unnecessary stress.
After working with another accountancy firm with never ending problems, I decided to go with TAS, and I'm so glad! After 2 years of working with them, I've never had any problems. Everything is always done on time, and they always keep me informed. Fantastic service with a very professional team!
Lauren White, Brighton
We struggled to find a good accountancy firm to work with, but when we found TAS, we could see they were by far the best. They're so professional and so efficient. Extremely good service. We would definitely recommend to business who are in difficult situation and need good advice regarding their tax issues.
Debbie Bligh, London