Working in the entertainment sector and need help with managing your accounts and tax? You’ve landed in the right place.  Being a part of the entertainment industry is an exciting but at times challenging experience.  You don’t want to lose your focus on your job by having to deal with your taxes and your accounts. That’s where we come in. We have the experience and the expertise to take complete control of your accounting needs. Finding the right accountant for you is a big decision as it is important to find someone that you trust and feel comfortable with. You should be able to rely on your accountant to make the best financial decisions for you. 

At The Accountancy Solutions, we are committed to offering completely bespoke tax and accounting solutions for our many clients in the entertainment sector. Above all else, we pride ourselves on our close and cooperative relationship with our clients. We are dedicated to helping take the pain of dealing with tax away by managing your accounts efficiently. 

Advice for Entertainment Sector

Though the entertainment sector is an extremely exciting one to work in, it requires a lot of hard work and commitment. You need to work long hours in order to make a mark in this industry. Competition is fierce, and there is little time to relax or focus on administrative tasks such as sorting out your tax returns.  That’s where we can help. We can ease the pain and frustration of dealing with tax and accounting issues. Our years of experience working with entertainment clients combined with our expertise in tax and accounting means that you can rely on us completely.  We are dedicated to providing a supportive and professional service. Our goal is to make the tax and accounting world easy for our entertainment clients to navigate, to allow them to focus on excelling in their main job.

We have had the chance to work with various clients from the entertainment sector, including music labels, actors, and production companies. We work very closely with the management teams to provide essential advice on tax planning, contracts, and any other commercial affairs.  Through our work with our entertainment sector clients, we have gained experience in dealing with tour accounting, overseas tax regulations and royalty audits among other things. The team will combine their existing experience working with your sector with their general expertise in the tax and accounting world to offer practical and savvy business advice to you. Whether you are an independent artist or a big record label, we have all the in-house expertise you need to deal with your accounts and tax affairs efficiently and effectively.