There are specific requirements to fulfil for charities within the legal framework, and with our assistance we can help your business navigate the literature to discover which of these are applicable to your organisation. Your charity provides a valuable service to the community and its continued economic prosperity and growth is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Our team of experts seek to assist offer you with all aspects of your tax and accounting obligations.

By working closely with every charity that uses our service, we constantly strive to develop a deep understanding of what they need, as well as their key objectives. 

Advice for Charities

Our expert knowledge and experience with other organisations in similar industries enables us to foresee potential problems you may encounter, and the best way to avoid them. Let our specialist team of accountants assist you, so you can navigate the road to success. There is no doubt that there is a myriad of accounting obligations that charities must meet, potentially even more than for profit businesses. In order to avoid potential fines and legal consequences, it is important to follow best practices. Our knowledgeable team of accounting experts is here to assist you.

We use our skills to impart knowledge that will help you understand your business costs, cash flow, and how these impact the overall health of your business. We use this information to improve the efficiency and success of your organisation. We also offer assistance with your payroll.

The charity commission ensures compliance with specific legal requirements that have been set out for all charities to follow. It is imperative that your charity understand those obligations – our team of experts advisers are able to assist you in order to make sure you meet all your statutory requirements.

If you receive a significant amount of donations, your charity will likely be eligible to claim back a portion of the amount received. Find out today whether you are eligible for this rebate by consulting with our team of experienced accountants today.