Many businesses that fall under the technology and media category are often made up of very creative people who make a profit by using their mind and creativity, as opposed to physical assets. Since our establishment in 2004, we have gained a wealth of experience in these sectors, mainly due to the people who work in them being self-employed and requiring an accountant to assist with their accounts and bookkeeping as a whole. We have grown to adapt and understand the very particular requirements of companies in both the technology and media sectors and have carved a niche for ourselves as an accountancy firm that can collaborate successfully with business people in these industries.

Whether you need advice in securing loans, grants or any other kind of funding, or possibly need to organise royalties or value intellectual property, we are completely on hand to assist you in all of these matters. We also understand the difference between a contractor agreement and a consultancy agreement and can give well informed advice on how our clients can deal with these arrangements in the best financial manner.

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