As accountants and tax advisors we know the importance of managing finance within business. Our services range from very basic book keeping for individuals to very complex consultancy for corporate bodies with complex structures.  Weather you need accounting or tax advice or you want us to lead the way and implement accounting standards or represent you in a specific tax case, we have your back.

We are reputable accountants who can help you to maximise your income, and thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of relevant legislation and HMRC regulations, we can ensure your business adheres to the law.


Our Birmingham and London based Accountancy teams have both national and international expertise, and the added benefit of full understanding of the local market that is most important to you. Our knowledge will help you to succeed, it’s that simple. With all experience comes responsibility and we can assure you that we do not let our clients down. You can view our ethical standards to which we bow.

If you are already running a business but do not have an accountant yet, we will always be able to advice you on company’s tax efficiency while ensuring that you don’t fall foul of the complex and ever-changing tax laws.


Full Range of Accounting and Tax Services

State of Art Book Keeping and Accounting Systems

Free Advice round the year - when you need it

Cost Effective and Fixed Fee Contracts

Aatif Malik - Managing Partner

Message From Managing Partner

I started this firm with one promise to myself; listen to clients and serve them the best suited solutions according to their need. In last 10 years we have evolved from a single person practice firm into a partnership and looking to expand in coming years. With broad experience of industry and practice, we specialise in turning around business by examining their key performance indexes. We believe as accountants its our duty to advice clients on their compliance issues and future changes that may effect their business.I can assure you, what come may, you are most important part of this firm and to prove this I take all inquiries and calls myself, just to assure every client is advised properly and compliance done in time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

Aatif Malik