Pension Arrangments

Most of us do not understand the finer details of our pension arrangement, in terms of our various available options- how much money you have access to, when you are able to access it and how these options may impact our savings and returns in terms of taxation and growth.

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While some of us may want a lump sum paid out to us the day we retire, others may simply be happy to receive smaller portions of our retirement savings on a monthly basis. There financial planning industry as a whole is unfortunately always changing and effecting new laws and regulations, which may be hard to stay up to date with. These types of changes not only affects when and how we access our savings, but also impacts how we go about saving our hard earned cash. For these reasons, it is highly advisable to seek the services of experienced professionals when making arrangements for your pension scheme.

Advice For Pension Arrangments

We at The Accountancy Solutions are able to offer you valuable and timely advice on how best to access your pension funds, so that you don’t end up in a situation where you end up with the short end of the stick- we can ensure that you:

  • Minimise government taxation on your pension funds
  • Create sufficient access to your pension funds when you need it
  • Avoid any unwanted penalties when accessing your funds
  • Ensure that you have enough long term coverage of fund payouts to sufficiently support your living expenses

Speak to our specialist today to ensure that you and your family don’t end up paying the price for inadequate planning of your pension arrangements and have the kind of retirement you deserve.


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Pension Arrangments

Pension plans are simply financial tools which are taken in order to ensure that you and your family have access to sufficient funds

Workplace Pensions

The workplace pension schemes can be either through your employer at the work place or can be maintained by yourself.

SIPP Reviews

As great as this may all sound, you will also then have the additional responsibility to do your own due diligence

Individual Pension Plans

Due to their generally higher level of complexity, it is most advisable to speak to a specialist with sufficient experience to guide you

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Maintaining your NIC contributions Covid-19

If a person already has 35 qualifying years or is likely to do so by the time that they reach state pension age, missing a year will not adversely affect their state pension entitlement. However, if they have less than 35 years (and will be able to reach the minimum 10 years needed for a reduced state pension by the time that they reach state pension age) making voluntary contributions can be worthwhile.


Selling the Buy to Let property at a loss

While any gain on the sale of a property that has been the taxpayer’s main residence throughout the period of ownership is covered by private residence relief, the flip side is that if the main residence is sold at a loss, the loss is not an allowable loss for capital gains tax purposes.