Taking the route of Self-Invested Personal Pension, allows you a great deal of freedom, to set your own pension goals and go about achieving them without having to go through an intermediary. This means that you at all times will be able to decide on and know, exactly where each and every hard earned penny is. Usually, many of the terms of investing in a pension funds through a specific company, will limit your investment options to a pre-decided list, as will be determined by an investment or fund manager. As great as this may all sound, you will also then have the additional responsibility to do your own due diligence and make sensible investment choices- this is your retirement fund after all. The big difference however, between SIPPs and regular investments is that your SIPP investments are protected from the taxman, just like with regular pensions and can also be accessed from the age of 55.


Basic SIPP : With a Basic SIPP, you will have to make all decisions regarding your investments you would like to make. This type of SIPP works perfectly if you are looking for a lower cost option and would like to start small. Various general portfolio investment options are available to help guide you through deciding where and when to invest.

Premium SIPP : A Premium or Full SIPP option is for those of you who would like more comprehensive assistance in deciding how to invest and the option of being able to consult with experts when making decisions about your investment. The fee structure is a tad higher for this kind of SIPP but will then also have the peace of mind, knowing that expert advice is always at hand.

Advice for Self Invested Pension Plans

There are a wide variety of avenues which you can consider when choosing what do invest in, including:

  • Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)
  • Share Markets
  • Investment Trusts
  • Commercial Property

These along with several other great investment opportunities are possible with SIPP investments. There are however certain limits to the amount that can be invested for earners and non-earners and the options are available to start from scratch or transfer money in from an existing pension account- the choice is all yours.