Our team of certified accountants are fully qualified in the area of forensic accounting and can help in all types of investigations whether they fall under civil matters, criminal matters or professional regulatory matters.

When it comes to forensic accounting, knowledge and experience is extremely important, and at The Accountancy Solutions we are well-prepared to handle cases in both small and large companies. Handling any litigation problems carefully, we ensure that we can support you through every situation that emerges. Every case is thoroughly analysed so we are fully prepared to assist with each problem as and when it appears.

Advice for Forensic Accounting

From investigating your financial statements and analysing the data to completing the necessary reports and documents, we will be with you every step of the way, providing reliable assistance when you need it. We will present the information in a way that you can understand and that meets the requirements of the investigatory body, ensuring that no vital financial information is missed in the forensic analysis of your accounts.

We fully understand the sensitivity and professionalism that these cases require so promise to approach them confidently, fully armed with all of the knowledge required in order to settle such cases as smoothly as possible.


Forensic accounting is required when there are cases that involve potential fraud or actual disputes. At The Accountancy Solutions, our forensic accounting service combines investigative, auditing and accountancy skills, to produce an outcome that is suitable for submission in a court of law. 

The Accountancy Solutions can provide you professional and expert advice on a wide variety of matters and issues.  This includes common and less-common situations such as matrimonial disputes, the financial side of criminal proceedings, commercial disputes and personal injury compensation claims.  We will guide you through the complex financial disputes you are facing or claiming and will tailor this service to meet your own specific requirements

Forensic Accounting Support

The forensic accounting specialist that works on our team knows only too well that every individual job is different from the one that he dealt with before and the one he will deal with next. Before you or your company spend any more money, we will review the financial matter at hand initially, that will help us identify where the problem lies and how to rectify it. We will then deliver a detailed report outlining exactly what we can do for you, whether it is worth proceeding and any information we need to allow us to follow through on our plan. If you are interested in how our forensic accountant can help you, don’t hesitate to contact The Accountancy Solutions today.