For those who have assets to leave behind to loved ones when they pass away, inheritance tax rulings can mean that those hard-earned assets could be whittled away. There are ways and means of eliminating yourself from the IHT bracket and our experts can give you clear advice on ways to avoid this taxation on your family’s assets, once you have passed.

Those who are looking to organise their affairs properly will benefit from our inheritance tax service, as it will leave you safe in the knowledge that your loved ones will receive the assets that you intend only for them. We deal with each customer discretely and professionally, as we understand that many of our clients find it difficult to talk about what will happen to their property when they are no longer here.

Advice for Inheritance Tax

At every stage, we will provide experienced support and assistance, knowing the heightened importance of ensuring everything is prepared and correct during the will creation process. To make the situation easier on families, we will look at your finances and assets with an objective viewpoint, providing an extensive plan for your belongings and helping you to minimise the impact of inheritance tax.

Disclosing the full extent of your assets and estate is a long task, but one we will support you through our friendly team always ready to provide help and guidance where needed. Many strategies that we can help you to implement include creating trust funds, will creation and will amendments and accounting for lifetime gifts.


At The Accountancy Solutions, we are always on hand to provide expert help, guidance, and advice when it comes to the complex matters surrounding inheritance tax. Our professional tax accountants can help you understand and consider the implications inheritance tax when writing your will. We also provide assistance to those that have recently inherited an estate and are facing the challenges of calculating and paying inheritance tax on it.
The professionally trained team of accountants at The Accountancy Solutions, can help with all areas of inheritance tax pertaining to Reliefs and Exemptions, such as Estate Planning, Property and Asset Exemptions, Tax-free Allowances, Estates and Wills, such as Will and Estate Planning, Trust Advice, Exemptions, Double Taxation Treaties, such as Exemptions, Reliefs, and Deductions, Trusts

Inheritance Tax Support

We understand just how sensitive a matter inheritance tax can be, whether you’re writing your will or executing the will of a loved one. Our friendly and confidential services will ensure that you have a full understanding of the exemptions and reliefs available, as well as how to organise your estate in the most efficient way for taxation.
For help and advice through the sensitive but important area of inheritance tax, don’t hesitate to contact our team, who will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring you have thorough advice on all areas of inheritance tax.