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Contractual Disclosure Facility
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Contractual Disclosure Facility | Code of Practice 9

Should you omit information or should the HMRC feel that you may not have disclosed all your actions or knowledge as it pertains to these actions, you become subject to a civil or criminal investigation, depending entirely on the circumstance and details of the situation at hand.

HMRC Tax Disclosure Schemes Digital Disclosure Service
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HMRC Tax Disclosure Schemes | How to Make most of them

The Digital Disclosure Service (DDS) is a service by HMRC that assists companies and individuals in bringing their tax affairs up to date in a straightforward way. If you owe tax, you will need to declare it straight away, after which you will be given time to explain exactly what it is that you owe, how did you arrived at this tax amount and pay the money.

Capital Gains Tax Returns

Guide to Capital Gains Tax Returns

You’re not required to pay Capital Gains Tax on certain assets including ISAs or PEPs, UK government gilts and Premium Bonds and betting lottery or pool winnings.

Accountants for Internet Traders

Accountants for Internet Traders – How we can help

If you are unsure of your status and obligations, The Accountancy Solutions can help. We will assist you in identifying what you need to declare in order to avoid the possibility of a hefty fine or investigation onto your business.

Accountants for contractors

Accountants for contractors – How we can help

We as accountants for contractors can help you to maintain your accounts, adhere to policies and help you to get a good picture of your finances. We can also help you file tax returns and respond to any queries from HMRC, taking a weight off your shoulders.

tax avoidance
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Contractors | Loan Schemes and Tax Avoidance

These loan schemes come in a number of shapes and sizes. Currency arbitrage is one of the riskier methods. The idea behind it is that through signing up with an off-shore company, and receiving exotic foreign currencies in exchange for loans, that your earnings can be turned into non-taxable foreign exchange gains.


Accounting and Tax Planning for Landlords

Your properties can be taxed collectively in one year, so if you’ve suffered losses on one or more properties those losses can be set against profits made from other properties bringing yet another reduction.

COP9 criminal tax fraud investigation
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COP9 criminal tax fraud investigation – NEW AREA FOR ACCOUNTANTS

HMRC under COP9 investigations do not prosecute on suspicion but they have reason to believe that a tax fraud has been committed. This credence may have been established through an ongoing inquiry or tax man may have investigated and the details of tax payer may have been searched on CONNECT