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self assessment tax investigation
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HMRC has been granted the power to dig deeper into your private life and your business matters than you may be happy with. To tell the truth, with the new powers granted to them, the inspector assigned to you will seem to be treating the taxpayer in ways that border on invasive.

HMRC Tax Disclosure Schemes Digital Disclosure Service
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HMRC Tax Disclosure Schemes | How to Make most of them

The Digital Disclosure Service (DDS) is a service by HMRC that assists companies and individuals in bringing their tax affairs up to date in a straightforward way. If you owe tax, you will need to declare it straight away, after which you will be given time to explain exactly what it is that you owe, how did you arrived at this tax amount and pay the money.

HMRC VAT Inspections

HMRC VAT Inspections of Restaurants and Takeaways

Be aware that HMRC may visit anonymously prior to the visit and make purchases that they will later ask you to match up with the receipts from your cash machine. A technique sometimes used is to pay half cash and half credit card, they will later check that both cash and card have been recorded.

Contractors EBT Tax Avoidance
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HMRC hunt for contractors EBT tax avoidance : Accountants Approach

For years the Government and HMRC have tried to curtail the actions and processes of EBTs only to create more complex legislation. In recent years attempts have been made to clarify and simplify procedures for the operation of EBTs culminating in elements of the 2016 Finance Bill.



Today’s benefits system still provides a lifeline to millions of people across Great Britain. There are more benefits available today than following the war, and more people eligible to receive them.

IR35 Impact IT Contractors Locum Doctors

IR35 & Locum Doctors and Contractors (PSC)

Back in 2000, the IR35 legislation was introduced to try and tackle those who were abusing the system previously. There is no ‘set-in-stone’ example, but it was alleged that some contractors were enjoying the benefits of running a limited company, while still enjoying the employee benefits from their end-client.

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