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Capital Gains Tax Returns

Guide to Capital Gains Tax Returns

You’re not required to pay Capital Gains Tax on certain assets including ISAs or PEPs, UK government gilts and Premium Bonds and betting lottery or pool winnings.

HMRC Fraud Investigation Service
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HMRC Fraud Investigation Service – Code of Practice 8

If you are found to have done nothing wrong, you will be informed that the investigation has been completed and no further action will be taken. You may be susceptible for repeat investigations in subsequent years if further suspicious tax data is received.

HMRC Common Reporting Standard
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HMRC Common Reporting Standard – An Accountant’s View

This new idea for a global model of automatic information exchange was endorsed by G20 leaders in 2014. To date, over 100 countries have given their public support to CRS, many of whom have also chosen to become early-adopters of the processes.


Accounting and Tax Planning for Landlords

Your properties can be taxed collectively in one year, so if you’ve suffered losses on one or more properties those losses can be set against profits made from other properties bringing yet another reduction.