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Contractors Tax Issues

Contractors Tax Issues – A How to Guide

If you’re on the lookout for a new accountant to handle your tax affairs and need to ensure you find just the right fit for the job, read our tips on how to find the financial whizz you need, allowing you to get back to the important job of running your business.

Tax Planning NHS Doctors and Consultants

Accounting and Tax Planning for NHS Doctors and Consultants

One major issue for doctors working on a locum basis is that because of the rotation schedule you adhere to, there may be issues with your tax code. This is a basic part of figuring out what you have to pay, but all the same, it’s understandable if a busy professional isn’t able or just doesn’t want to think too much about their taxes!

Public Bodies IR35 and HMRC

Public Bodies, IR35 and HMRC – Critical Summary

Many contractors are concerned that with the public sector already under immense pressure, they will not have the skills or resource to make such a thorough decision and instead, classifying all contractors as employed workers under IR35, is a much easier option.