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Tax Free Awards

Tax Free Awards | Rewarding Employee

Working out the tax-free limit for a financial benefit award is slightly more complicated. The limit depends on the savings that the suggestion is expected to yield and the number of awards that are made.

COP9 Investigations
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COP9 HMRC Tax Investigation – An Accountants Approach

For COP9 Investigations, we always advise taxpayer to hire an experienced accountant or get help when submitting CFD. HMRC procedures can be confusing for the inexperienced and will require expert help. A long drawn investigation can lead to higher penalties, which makes hiring an professional cost effective.

self assessment tax investigation
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HMRC has been granted the power to dig deeper into your private life and your business matters than you may be happy with. To tell the truth, with the new powers granted to them, the inspector assigned to you will seem to be treating the taxpayer in ways that border on invasive.

HMRC Tax Disclosure Schemes Digital Disclosure Service
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HMRC Tax Disclosure Schemes | How to Make most of them

The Digital Disclosure Service (DDS) is a service by HMRC that assists companies and individuals in bringing their tax affairs up to date in a straightforward way. If you owe tax, you will need to declare it straight away, after which you will be given time to explain exactly what it is that you owe, how did you arrived at this tax amount and pay the money.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

Self Assessment Tax Returns | What to look for

Rushing self assessment tax returns form is never a good idea as you are more likely to make mistakes and miss out crucial information. When using the online form service, you can save your details and come back to them later, perfect for when you’re busy and don’t have the time to do everything in one sitting.

Accountants for Internet Traders

Accountants for Internet Traders – How we can help

If you are unsure of your status and obligations, The Accountancy Solutions can help. We will assist you in identifying what you need to declare in order to avoid the possibility of a hefty fine or investigation onto your business.

Accountants for contractors

Accountants for contractors – How we can help

We as accountants for contractors can help you to maintain your accounts, adhere to policies and help you to get a good picture of your finances. We can also help you file tax returns and respond to any queries from HMRC, taking a weight off your shoulders.

Contractors EBT Tax Avoidance
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HMRC hunt for contractors EBT tax avoidance : Accountants Approach

For years the Government and HMRC have tried to curtail the actions and processes of EBTs only to create more complex legislation. In recent years attempts have been made to clarify and simplify procedures for the operation of EBTs culminating in elements of the 2016 Finance Bill.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

You’ll automatically receive a financial penalty. If your tax return is less than 3 months late this penalty will be £100, for any timescales after this you’ll receive a customised penalty depending upon the exact circumstances and how late you file.