The requirement of corporation tax compliance and reporting obligations is constantly growing and the credentials of compliance are becoming more and more complex, rendering many business owners completely lost and surrendering a large amount of time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Our corporation tax compliance service is designed to completely cover all of your requirements, whether they are a complete tax compliance service or a simple review. At The Accountancy Solutions we have a highly trained team of professionally certified tax accountants so we know how to complete your corporate tax returns with the exacting precision that the HMRC requires of all corporate forms.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes and can offer a reliable service that covers all bases, allowing you to feel confident that you are in the best hands, freeing up your time to concentrate on other areas of the business. Providing a service that you can trust, we will work with you at every stage to ensure that you pay the right corporate tax and analyse your profits and losses to create a full picture of your company’s financial standing, meeting the regulations of the HMRC.

Services we offer include:

Accountants for Corporate Tax
  • Tax advice on how to maximize your tax reliefs and allowances
    At The Accountancy Solutions we have considerable experience minimising the amount of tax companies have to pay by providing an extensive examination of tax reports to find out where they may be eligible for tax reliefs and special allowances. Every company operates differently, and we have the knowledge to locate where tax reliefs may be applicable in your unique business, ensuring that you never overpay on your taxes when allowances can be found and declared.
  • Preparation of returns
    Most companies are required to produce a full annual account and a company tax return every year so that the HMRC can calculate where finances derive from and to calculate how much tax is owed to them. With a number of important details that need to be included and explained, ensuring that proper tax return preparation is undertaken before a deadline is of the upmost importance. A professional certified account can help you to identify what needs to be included and ensure that you have everything prepared to provide the HMRC with the returns they require from your company.
  • Tax reporting

    As corporate tax is paid at a different rate to personal taxes, it is essential that your tax report is filled in correctly and with all the information required of a corporate tax report. At The Accountancy Solutions we have produced tax reports for both large and small corporate entities, ensuring that their income tax is properly calculated and formatted correctly for the HMRC.

  • Dealing with HMRC enquiries
    If your company has triggered a check from the HMRC and they are performing enquires into your finances, it is crucial that you seek assistance from a trained tax accountant who can deal with the HMRC on your behalf, proving them with the information that they need quickly to avoid penalty. There are a number of reasons why a HMRC check may be triggered and they may choose to investigate further if you can’t prove that your finances are in check and further prove that the cause for enquiry was not due to tax avoidance or tax fraud.
  • Review & preparation of tax provisions
    A tax provision is an estimate of income tax due, formulated by examining your financial reports and your net income. Corporations often choose to pay an estimate of their income tax on a quarterly basis, while others make further provisions to keep aside the estimated amount of tax to pay annually. At The Accountancy Solutions we can help you to review your tax preparations and make sure that an adequate amount of income tax has been made provision for. Performing an extensive financial check, we can help you to be sure that your estimates are as accurate as possible, avoiding the chances of excessive overpayments or underpayments.

Contact us with your individual requirements and we can come up with a tailor-made plan of action for your corporate tax requirements.

After working with another accountancy firm with never ending problems, I decided to go with TAS, and I'm so glad! After 2 years of working with them, I've never had any problems. Everything is always done on time, and they always keep me informed. Fantastic service with a very professional team!
Lauren White, Brighton
We struggled to find a good accountancy firm to work with, but when we found TAS, we could see they were by far the best. They're so professional and so efficient. Extremely good service. We would definitely recommend to business who are in difficult situation and need good advice regarding their tax issues.
Debbie Bligh, London