Completing self-assessment tax forms is a long task and something that fills many people with dread. However, whether you operate as a partnership, are a sole trader, company director, self-employed or a private client, producing a self-assessment every year is required by the HMRC to make sure that your taxes are calculated correctly. As an extensive and detailed report, it can often be difficult to complete and can take a considerable amount of time if you don’t have all the information to hand, and that’s where the professional team at The Accountancy Solutions can help.

As Certified Accountants and Tax Advisers, we have lost count of the number of self-assessment forms that we have completed for our clients in Birmingham and London over the years, so let us help reduce your year-end worries. We provide Tax Return Services in Birmingham and London and all over the UK in person, on phone and online.

Knowing what to include, how much detail to go into and how to calculate your finances can be a complex task and with the strict guidelines presented by the HMRC, there is a significant pressure to get your self-assessment tax form right. There are stringent deadlines in place that everyone must conform to and it is vital that your tax return is completed in full and submitted to the HMRC by these deadlines if you want to avoid late-payment penalties that can increase the longer you go without submitting the form.

With many tax returns filled out incorrectly, it is clear that most people are either rushing what they do or are just not 100% sure how to complete the form itself. Allow our qualified team of tax accountants to use our experience to make the procedure easier for you and much more efficient on your time. We will ensure that your self-assessment is completed accurately and on time, so you don’t need to be concerned over repercussions from the HMRC.

By letting us take over, we can:

  • Summarise income from all sources
    At The Accountancy Solutions, we understand the importance of getting your self-assessment tax form correct the first time. We will source and summarise the income data from your reports to provide you will a comprehensive tax form that covers all the required areas that the HMRC request. Leaving no important details out, you can trust our friendly and experienced team to meet HMRC regulations and be sure that your return is completed in full before it is sent to the HMRC.
  • Treat losses correctly and efficiently
    When calculating the losses in your self-assessment tax form, we do so with meticulous care, making sure every loss is accounted for and providing a full report on your profits and loss balance. For the HMRC to make an accurate calculation on owed annual taxes, it is extremely important that this information is correct and presented in the right way.
Accountants for Self Assessment
  • Make the most use of allowable allowances
    You don’t want to pay taxes where they aren’t required, so we will examine all of your finance reports to locate where a service or outgoing can be legally counted as a business allowance. A thorough check for allowable allowances can save you a considerable sum on your taxes if undertaken by a professional tax accountant that knows what to look for.
  • Claim refunds on your behalf and deal directly with HMRC
    There are many instances where it is possible to claim a tax refund and the HMRC doesn’t always issue a refund automatically. Using a certified account to analyse where you may have overpaid or where you may be eligible for a refund can save you time and return a portion of your taxes back to you. Whether you have stopped working, purchased a life-time annuity, or miscalculated on your tax return, The Accountancy Solutions can help.
After working with another accountancy firm with never ending problems, I decided to go with TAS, and I'm so glad! After 2 years of working with them, I've never had any problems. Everything is always done on time, and they always keep me informed. Fantastic service with a very professional team!
Lauren White, Brighton
We struggled to find a good accountancy firm to work with, but when we found TAS, we could see they were by far the best. They're so professional and so efficient. Extremely good service. We would definitely recommend to business who are in difficult situation and need good advice regarding their tax issues.
Debbie Bligh, London