Some of our best clients fall into the marketing and advertising sector and we strive to constantly go above and beyond in order to deliver an unmatched service to them. The creative thinkers at marketing agencies tend to prefer to delegate the accounting function to professional accountants. We work with these agencies to deliver the highest quality service while keeping them fully informed along the way and allowing them to focus on other areas of their business.

Marketing and advertising companies have unique requirements in terms of accounting, financial and taxes. These can include appropriate categorization and recording methods, tracking pre-paid expenses/reimbursements, revenue requirements, independent contractors’ classifications, employee classifications, and efficient business operations. Marketing and advertising companies place a big importance on project and client profitability tracking.

At The Accountancy Solutions, our team has extensive experience in working with marketing and advertising firms. We are well versed in the accounting principles of marketing and advertising firms. We continually identify and monitor the best solutions for streamlining your business’s process and workflows. We also provide recommendations based on your business needs for programs

As one of the fastest growing industries, marketing and advertising firms are having to adopt the latest technologies and making their firms more digital. With all that change, it’s important to keep their financial aspects in tune so that they can continue meeting the demands of their consumers.

Under our belt, we have countless years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses with their taxing and accounting needs. Our services allow you, as a business owner, to focus on your everyday tasks and business as a whole whilst we deal with your finances. This way, you can continue to grow your agency and focus on your clients.

We aim to minimise corporate taxes liabilities by applying strategic planning strategies, increasing your business’s profitability, and improving operational efficiency. We serve residents of Birmingham and London. We serve several marketing industry niches, including branding agencies, PR firms, digital marketing agencies, web development companies, SEO marketing firms, market researching companies, ad buying companies, traditional print companies and telemarketing organisations.

Areas we can assist in include:

  • Creative ways to maximise tax benefit
  • Management Accounting & Payroll
  • Financial Accounts & HMRC compliance
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes

Our team of tax advisors and certified accountants is able to provide you several services, all of which are customised to your business needs. We provide ongoing internal accounting services as well as calculate project costs and profitability. We create financial statements and forecast profits based on ownership and management goals.

As one of the most important aspects of a successful business, we also assist you in forecasting, budgeting, and performance reviews. Based on your preferences, we can provide you with a customised monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports. On top of those, we also provide businesses with strategies for managing financial risks and managing transition phases.

We pride ourselves on being mid-market specialists who have a sound understanding of your business’s operating environment. We offer you pressure-free and effective solutions to make your processes more efficient. No matter what sized business you are, we build growth strategies for you, which include mergers, acquisitions and organic growth strategies.

Accounting and Tax Compliance for Marketing and advertising Agencies

No two businesses are alike, so our team of experts will customise the service that you receive to best suit the needs of your business. Through all our recommendations and strategy implementations, the main goal will always be to increase your profit ratings. With technological advances happening every single day, we’re sure to provide you with innovative computer systems that can handle your accounts efficiently and professionally.

At The Accountancy Solutions, we’ll never rush through your work, instead, we’ll handle your matters in a timely manner that gets you the best results possible.

After working with another accountancy firm with never ending problems, I decided to go with TAS, and I'm so glad! After 2 years of working with them, I've never had any problems. Everything is always done on time, and they always keep me informed. Fantastic service with a very professional team!
Lauren White, Brighton
We struggled to find a good accountancy firm to work with, but when we found TAS, we could see they were by far the best. They're so professional and so efficient. Extremely good service. We would definitely recommend to business who are in difficult situation and need good advice regarding their tax issues.
Debbie Bligh, London