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Should you start working for yourself and be self-employed, whether as part of a partnership or as a private individual, you are legally required to register with HMRC for Self-Assessment purposes. Individuals must complete the SA401 form in order to register with HMRC for Self-Assessment. This enables HMRC to correctly set up your National Insurance record. Should you be establishing a new partnership company, the partnership itself as well as all individual partners have to fill in separate SA401 forms in order to register for Self-Assessment.

How To Complete Form SA401

One of the business partners is nominated as the recipient, completer and submitter of all of the partnership’s tax returns. They will also be required to sign the partnership forms once completed. After submitting the completed form SA401 to HMRC, they are then given their Unique Taxpayer Reference. This must be used whenever communicating with HMRC about the business’ tax affairs. When completing the SA401 form, you will need to enter your NI number. If you are part of a partnership you will also need the details of your partnership such as the date your established your business, your business’ address and your Unique Taxpayer Reference Number.

What If I’ve Been Self-Employed Before?

If at some point in the past you have already been self-employed, or you have ever completed Self-Assessment tax returns for other reasons, you will already have a Unique Taxpayer Reference which was given to you when you submitted your tax return. You will need to provide this on your form SA401. If you are employing a tax agent or accountant to act for you in your tax affairs, you will also have to fill in and submit your Form 64-8 to enable HMRC to discuss your case with your third party representative.

If you need help with your tax compliance please contact The Accountancy Solutions on 01216297768 or 02070784001 for further advice. 


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